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Diego Voci was born August 10, 1920 in Gasperina, a little village in southern Italy. His father soon moved the family to Rome where they lived until Diego was 18. He wanted Diego to study for a traditional profession; however, the young man's compulsion for art was so strong that he would not agree to his father's wishes. By the age of 18, he had already won some prizes and sold his first painting.

A year later, Diego began his studies at the Art Academy San Marco in Florence. Unfortunately, WWII interrupted this pursuit. By 1945, he returned to Florence and studied until he was accepted at the cole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He met many famous artists and was strongly influenced by their work.

By 1951 he won a second prize at an exposition in Venice. He had assisted the artist Brossi in painting a Fresco for a village church near Rome. His work continued to develop and to date his work has been exhibited in many galleries in Europe, North America, and Canada. We are pleased to offer some of Diego's remaining prints and lithographs.

1. The Mask
2. African Beauty
3. The Piano Player (sold)